Greetings, sports enthusiast and Welcome to TPA Sports Foundation’s TPA Revolution!!!

You, like us here at TPA Sports Foundation, love sports. We enjoy the entertainment and excitement, the stress release, the physical exertion, the aesthetics of the game, the anticipation of a fierce rivalry, and the sharing of good times with family and friends. We also enjoy witnessing the artistry of competition and the self-mastery of mind, body and spirit.  But most of all, when our favorite player or favorite team wins, we enjoy experiencing the thrill of victory.

We know that through sports competition, athletes strive to experience the ultimate satisfaction of reaching their full potential while competing against the best and demonstrating sheer mastery of their chosen sport, which is what we, the sports enthusiast really want to witness. Whether an individual sport, team sport or group activity, we want to witness the competitor’s sense of heart, commitment, focus and execution. We want to see players who bring the best of themselves to the game at all levels

The organizers of the TPA Revolution are committed to delivering a new model for amateur athletes – a different paradigm that values the development of good character and making smart choices as desirable traits, first and foremost. We seek to foster the development of the Total Package Athlete – one who is PHYSICALLY gifted, MENTALLY tough, and EMOTIONALLY in control: a person who has made the commitment to himself, and gone above and beyond the standard in EVERY aspect of development, and can demonstrate that ability and resolve on and off the field of play.

We know that which is learned on the courts, playing fields, and in locker rooms by young children, can in the future, be transferred to the conference rooms, boardrooms, and businesses by young adults. As children grow and develop into young men and women, they then move into professional life, with the experience of being a team player, with the experience of being comfortable playing a role, with the experience of coming through in challenging situations, and the experience of knowing that they can be leaders.

If you are a teacher, coach, counselor or parent, anyone who has a positive connection to children and can encourage them to participate in organized activity, we are looking to join forces with you. It may not be a sports team like basketball, football, softball, or soccer, but it could just as easily be cheerleading, debate, chorus, band, the Pep club or the school play. The point is we all understand that these students will gain greater value from being connected and working with others towards a common goal than being isolated and disconnected.

We recognize the significance that participation in sports and organized activity can have in the lives of youth and young adults, as well as the fans that support them. We see the results through our own experiences and those that we have witnessed.

We know that through sports children learn how to feel less vulnerable and more powerful, how to be both cooperative and competitive, and how to discipline their bodies and their minds. We also know that through sports children learn what it’s like to make a commitment to themselves as well as to a team, they experience pushing themselves to the limit physically and mentally.

In our hearts, what we know to be true is that, if children are healthy, educated and nurtured their self-esteem is lifted.  If children have the opportunity to share their talents and gifts in a cooperative manner and in a competitive arena, their relationships flourish. And finally, we know that as children succeed in sports, they have a greater chance to succeed in life.


We invite you to join the TPA Revolution!


We need Ambassadors to help us emphatically deliver this message to the cadre of young American athletes, present and future: Anything worthwhile and of lasting value, whether in business, the arts or sports was preceded by heart, commitment, focus, hard work, and persistence. Somehow this truth has been overlooked and taken for granted with the current generation. 

Why Now?

It is no secret that more and more individuals in professional sports are being investigated for their behavior and actions on and off the field of play. When it comes down to it, although we admire their superior abilities and performances, what we value most and want our children to learn from them and emulate are good character traits and smart choices. TPA’s goal is to instill in our children all Six Pillars to Becoming a Total Package Athlete: Nutrition & Health, Sports Fundamentals, Smart Choices, Strategy Execution, Good Character, and Physical Conditioning. 

The time is now for two important reasons.  First, our youth of today are not appreciating the process it takes to build high caliber athletes or to achieve lasting success in life. They want to experience the joy of hoisting the prize before paying the price for that prize. When they see great athletes or all-star performances in any arena, they see the end result, not the grueling workouts, the strict nutritional regimens, or the solitary practice hours. They don’t see the process of development. However, we must get them to understand that a significant price has been paid to reach the highest level. Second, they value the money and material possessions more than the game itself, giving way to lackluster efforts and mediocre performances. We must give them a higher vision or better model to aspire to become. After all, for amateurs that’s why we come to see them play; and for professionals that’s why we pay to see them play.   

What Is Needed?

We need people who will give their time, talents and voices to spread the word to as many people as possible.  We need Ambassadors of the TPA Revolution – sports enthusiasts who will commit to pass on the philosophy in your school, community, city, state and throughout the country.  

If you are an amateur athlete, take the pledge and join our revolution. If you are a teammate, take the pledge and encourage your fellow teammates to join in and make the commitment to themselves and each other to reach for a higher ideal together. If you are a parent, take the pledge and encourage your sons and daughters to aspire to a grandeur ideal. If you are a coach, teacher, trainer or counselor, take the pledge and demand excellence from your players, both on and off the field of play. If you are a professional athlete, take the pledge and support the development of youth in inner cities, small towns, country roads, as well as suburban America. 



For as little as a $30.00 contribution you as a TPA Revolution Ambassador will: 

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